Wednesday here, just got back from the beach where we spent the morning swimming, singing karaoke, relaxing and eating lunch. Just have a bit of a break and then we spend the rest of the day in the dessert 4 wheeling and sand boarding-- sweet as!! Had an epic weekend with my host family!! Friday was a really long day at the university... we had lectures and then had this social event with the students which was an amazing time. We had an unreal dinner-- sooo much food. I tried chicken intestine, not to bad actually. There was singing and dancing-- staff and students where all here from the university. It was a great night. One of the Filipino waiters asked for my details-- hehe. He was pretty cute, I gave him my e-mail and facebook.
Saturday morning I work up around 7am to the sound of karaoke, when I went down stairs there were about 20 kids all sitting there singing and dancing-- this lasted until about 1am that night and re-started again Sunday morning around the same time until the man came and took the machine away which our home-stay lady had hired. Around 9am we went to the mall and went to the grocery stored to get some food because Carly and I made potato salad and a dessert for Sunday dinner. We got back and I spent the day singing and dancing with the kids in front of the karaoke machine. At 4pm Nancy and Crys's host family picked us up we got Madi at the hotel and we all went zip-lining through the forest and had a bit of a picnic than went back to there home for some food. Dropped off the kids and we all went to a resort to sing more karaoke and drink some beer-- it was an awesome day and we were pretty tired by the end of it. We got home to more Karaoke hahahaha. They love it here!! Madi stayed overnight. Music is a big part of the Philippine culture. Sunday morning we got up and went to church for 9am and then went home. We had lunch and I prepared the food for dinner and spent some time doing some school work and played with the kids. We went into the city for a bit with our host then got home and I found out we have baby goats and chicks!!!! Madi and Jen came over for dinner-- it was such a good meal. They left and we all went to bed shortly after.
Monday we woke up at 4:45am and went to the beach to watch the sunrise. Carly and I got to swim, the water was super warm. Went for a run, did some yoga and then went home for breakfast, got ready for school. We went to this English festival in the morning here at the university and then had lectures in the afternoon. After school we went home, Chairs and Laura came over and we all went back to the beach. We cooked our supper over a campfire and showed them hot to makes s'mores which everyone loved!!! Carly and I went swimming again, the water was amazing and the stars were sooo bright. It was song a great day, but looong. We were soo tired come Tuesday I got up and went for a walk with my home-stay lady. It was a day visiting museums and another city called Vigal. It was an alright day, I think I was just a bit tired. When I got home I had dinner and then had a beer with one of the brothers and then went and played pool which a bunch of the boys which are all cousins. It was fun. Now its Wednesday. Tomorrow we have the morning to ourselves then have to be at the university for 1:30pm hang out here for a bit, have a farewell dinner and then we take a bus overnight to Manila. We are in Manila till Monday and then we fly back to Hong Kong and onto Bangkok, Thailand from there Chang Mi where we will live with a Thai family for the next month. Super stoked but sad to say goodbye to my Philippine family

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