Its been almost a week since my classmates and I made the big venture back from Southeast Asia. I've been finding it hard to digest the fact that time has surpassed me extremely fast.... Leaving for Australia in May, a random trip to Bali and then coming back to Canada for three weeks only to leave again. Spending two months in three very different Southeast Asian countries: Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. There is always so much planning involved, saving and the build up of excitement only for it to be over in what now seems like one quick flash. A kaleidoscope of colors that represents everything I did, everything I saw, touched,and tasted. Every memory that imprinted on my heart. It was though I experienced something in a short six months that some people may never experience in a life time-- literally circling the globe TWICE in six months. I feel blessed to have traveled so much in a short time. Already, I am thinking about where to venture next. A place where I can discover and learn more. But... for the time being I am home writing papers. 

Yet, even this is educational. Having to further my research on topics that we received lectures on in Southeast Asia. My brain is like a a bowl of mud cake with hidden gummie worms-- there is a lot of mumble jumble up there but so much information and facts to be found. It helps when I can talk about my trip because I can realize how much I learned, how much my mind and worldly knowledge expanded. I can see how much I grew. I don't know if I changed, its seems as though I always stay the same well, the essence of who I am does not change-- what makes me me and I am thankful for that because I like who I am becoming. However, this trip opened a window that allowed me to see all the possibilities that life holds available. It showed me everything I am passionate about in bright vivid colors and I realized that this is what I've been growing towards. This is why the external things in which I thought I loved and who I was have changed. The window gave me affirmation on who I am becoming and I am excited. I know that any thing can change in a blink of an eye and that it is not always good to have a plan but, I have a five year plan (which can be modified at any time). This plan is what gives me something to work towards, it brings me life. I know there is a large possibility that I will find myself back in Southeast Asia again, specially because of the work I plan to do. 

As much as it is great to be home and spend time with my family and friends it is also hard. I know this is not where I want to make my home. However, I must continue to remind myself that it is only for a short period of time and as I have learned time goes by much to quickly. Therefore, I will try and enjoy the time I have and cherish each precious moment that is given to me. Is that not what life is? A million microscopic gifts given to you in a million single moments. A million thank yous to be said and a million blessings to hold onto. It was something I saw in all the different people no matter what they believed-- how delicate life was and how important it was to count your blessings. Remembering to be thankful when kneeling in front of a Buddha statue throughout the Buddhist temples of Thailand. When the man sang his prayer into loud speaker from the Mosques tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia five times a day. Or when the Filipino people gathered at church on Sunday mornings to worship through song. No matter who we are, we were all  created as human beings-- with a heart, a soul, a mind and the power to belief. The universal humanity is absolutely magnificent, it is simply beautiful. 

Love and shower of blessings -Nikki xox


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