Thursday here... arrived in Chiang Mai Monday night and stayed in a cute little hostel place for the first three nights. We left and are now living with our home-stay families. They came to the university when we finished our classes and took us home. It is very, very different from our home in the Philippines... I knew it would be when I saw their vehicle. The father "Khun pa" works in the government in a high position in justice relating to the execution area and the mother "Khun ma" works at the university. We have our own room and bathroom, big queen bed and air con. Totally different then our home in the Philippines. They took us to get dinner near the mall-- there was a huge Asian food festival. She bought us all this food, we had to keep saying we were full... lol Then we came home and she cut up a whole papaya. Food is such an important part of culture.
This morning we had a Thai language class where we are learning Thai and then we had a Thai cooking class where we cooked this amazing meal and then got to eat it when we were done!! It was soo yummy!!! Our afternoon class got cancelled because of some mess up so we had a pretty chill afternoon. Getting ready for bed now. 
Tuesday we had breakfast and a quick meeting then Arial, Crys and I went and got a foot scrub and pedicure (lets just say my feet really needed it after spending my summer in Australia, it felt amazing). Then we spend the day shopping... had a break to enjoy some red wine... went to this massive market which was totally hectic and got so much stuff-- did some Christmas shopping. There was literally everything you could think of!!!!! Had some dinner then got home and went to bed-- we were exhausted. Our travel day on Monday started at 4am and ended around midnight... Wednesday we had an orientation of the university and had our first lecture in the afternoon. Then we went back to the hotel to change and went to "Kan Tok" which is a dinner with entertainment-- different Thai dances and music. Now it is Thursday night and time for bed soon. We have wi-fi here at the house and a lap top to use so I will be able to blog often!! Yay. You can also check out the heading on my homepage called: worldviews to read about some different topics I've decided to write about. Write more soon. -Nikki xo

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