Hello everyone!!! I have many amazing adventures to share today. The last two days (Saturday and Sunday) have been the "Best Days Ever..." on this trip. On Saturday Gavin, Steven and I hopped on the train and headed to Pelabuhan Klang-- Pelabuhan Klang was once the main seaport of Kuala Lumpur (KL) until the modern
harbour in Pulau Indah was established. The trip was about an hour ride on the train and then we had to hop on a 30min ferry ride through the mangroves ending up on a little island called: Pulau Ketam. This was truley an amazing spot-- a fishing villiage which is all built on stilts over the mudflats. On our arrival we stopped at a Chinese seafood restaruant where we had the most amazing meal... then we walked around taking it all in. It appeared that the main ethnic group were Chinese, located around the village on the paths were spirit houses which is part of there religious practice. However, we were unsure of the exact religion it was. Many of the homes were painted bright colors, some well kept while others were run down I noticed that there was a lot of rubbish around-- this made me feel a bit sad and I didn't quite understand why or how people could let there home get like this... but it may be hard to dispose of rubbish on such a small island especially because to get to the island you have to go when the tide is up otherwise you would get stuck in the think mud. This place was very similar to where I mudd-crabbed in QLD, Australia. On the way home we stopped in Klang, here there is a little place called "Little India." Although I have not been in India I felt as though I was. As you walked down the streets there were Indian people everywhere, shopping in Indian stores and buying food. I tired some Indian sweets which were very good however, I don't think they are very good for the figure!!! We finally got back after a long day-- pretty tired out.
On Sunday our whole group went to a Lutheran church which was a neat expereience. There was actually a lot of white people there-- one of the girls who welcomed us was from the states. Her husband and her were on a one year internship as they were studying both to be pastors. It seemed as though the other white people were living there as well but, I am unsure as I didn't ask. It was an interesting experience to be in a church with so many ethnic groups and at the same time all sharing in a similar belief. One of the scriptures read was: 1 Corinthians 12:1-13 which I thought was a beautiful passage representing all of the different people (ethnic groups) within the church-- how God had brought us all together in this place. At the end of the service we all stood in a circle and held hands... I couldn't help but look around at all the faces and although we appeared to be different we were really all the same-- equals sharing a faith, worshiping a beleif and loving one another. Brothers and Sisters.
After church Gavin, Ariel, Alyssa and I got a taxi back to the hotel and from there hopped on a train to Kepong which is located 16km northwest of KL.. When we arrived we had to catch another taxi to where we were going. Located 7.5km from the station in Kepong is a 600 hectares rainforest known as FRIM: Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. In 1929 FRIM was established to research into Malaysia's sustainable management of its rainforests. This is an issue which has become very important in Malaysia as there has been an increase of logging and urban expansion. It was a an amazing place to see. We hiked 500m up to the Canopy Walkway all through the rainforest. When we got there we had to climb up a little tower and then walk on a small suspension bridge high up in the air-- we saw flying lizards and monkeys while taking every smell, sound and scenary in. You could see all of KL from the view. We hiked back down passing waterfalls and a large swimming area. It is a very poplular place for locals to hike, picnic and swim. We ate some delicious food for lunch and had one of the best mangos I have ever eaten. Then we hiked back down. We lost Ariel and Alyssa so while we waited for them we sat down with some locals who bought us a drink having a great chat about worldview, religion, what we were doing, Islam, FRIM and other small chat. Beautiful people here. We finally found Ariel and Alyssa waited around for 1.5hrs to get a taxi-- the men at the front gate were so nice in helping us try to get one... it was a bit of a hard task let me tell you. Finally we got one and went back to the hotel. What an awesome day it was!!!!! Making the most of it for sure!!!!! Anyway's, will write more again soon. Much Love - Nikki xox

Lois Mitchell
10/01/2012 10:52am

Sounds like things are going well! I'm a tad envious - I can just imagine the sights and sounds and the FOOD. Interesting that you felt at church that you are "all the same"...

10/03/2012 3:27pm

Glad to be reading your blog again.

10/05/2012 12:35pm

I am so happy I get to read how the trip is going! It sound like you guys are all having fun... And Trying new things and everything!


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