Well it is a Friday evening... Carly and I just finished eating apple crisp made in a frying pan-- we are home alone which is a nice treat. I am listening to Taylor Swift's new album on youtube and enjoying a cup of tea-- life is good. We just got back from 3 days in the Northern Hills of Thailand-- where we lived in the home with the people of the Karen village. Here we learned about sustainable development and about the life of the hill tribes people. I will be writing more about this under the heading: "Worldviews" on my home page (of this website) if you want to learn and read more about my/ our experience there. It has been the highlight of Thailand for me so far. Anyways, Monday and Tuesday of this week were alright... nothing to exciting happened. Just the normal lectures all day at uni and then hanging out with our Thai family in the evening. However, Khung pa isn't here during the week as he works away. I've been getting up and running every morning which is good-- 5:30am though because we have to leave early. Everything about this trip has been so full and exhausting everyday... but running is my personal space and time-- I am thankful for it even if it means getting up that early. Plus it is nice and cool at that time, even though I come home dripping wet at the end hahaha. Tuesday morning I made french toast for everyone which was really yummy-- Khung ma and Tanya seemed to really enjoy. That night we decided to make dinner as well... the following is the story about that (I have also posted this as a blog on SSU Travels the World):

Carly and I decided we would share a little bit of home so we planned to make dinner one evening. After class we waited for Khun ma to finish work, we picked up Tanya from school and then went to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients for: Spaghetti,Caesar salad and apple crumble.

We got to the supermarket and walked through the aisles looking for everything that we needed. It didn't take to long however, Parmesan cheese was hard to find and I think the cheese we got was not Parmesan. As I was shopping Khun ma noticed a few things in my cart and said that I did not need to buy them because she had them as home. The tomato sauce being one of them... I asked her a few times: "Are you sure you have this? Because if you do not I can not make the dinner." She was sure. O.k. then-- perfect (so I thought).

After a long day: up at 5:30 am for a run, university from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, the supermarket and traffic jams we finally got home sometime before 7 pm (thinking about this I feel stress-- Lord help me I need more patience). I unpack our groceries and began to cook. Khun ma comes in and hands me a bottle of ketchup-- a.k.a. tomato sauce. I wanted to cry... in fact I wanted to scream. I explained this was not tomato sauce, she apologized. I know she felt terrible. I went upstairs and told Carly. Then I went back down and continued to cook. She said she could go to the 7/11 to get some tomato sauce. I said o.k. and thought to myself should I go? No surely she will know what to get. About 10 minutes later she came back... with two bottles of ketchup...

In conclusion to this story I made the spaghetti without the tomato sauce. It turned out alright although it did not meet my personal standards of spaghetti making. Khun ma and Tanya thought it was delicious... Carly was satisfied. We had no oven to make the apple crumble in so I made it in a frying pan and topped it with vanilla ice cream. Now this was excellent however, it wasn't really crumbly. Anyway's, just a heads up that if you ever come to Thailand be aware that if you are asking about tomato sauce you may get ketchup.


Ps: I am going to be writing about different topics under the heading worldviews on my 


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