Sunday morning-- Carly is still sound asleep and I am up (as always). I thought about going for a run but decided today would be a day of rest-- just going to relax until we go to the "Walking Street Market" this evening. However, I went for a run Friday morning which we really good-- it wasn't to long as I just ran around the neighborhood-- I didn't want to get lost. I ran past some Monks which made me nervous lol. You can not touch a Monk or they have to go through a cleansing process-- I knew I was far enough away but I just felt awkward or something. So I just "wai(ed)"-- put my hand together, bowed my head and smiled. Anyway's, they were going around the neighborhood to the people who had offerings to give and to pray to them... it was very interesting to see. The rest of the day was at university and then Khun ma came and picked us up. We dropped her nephew off at the bus station and then went to this huge stadium to have some snacks and walk around while we waited for Khun pa. We picked him up and then went for supper-- This was a very frustrating experience for me at the beginning. I forgot that when you order you do not order individually but you order to share... because of the language barrier I was lost and being tired was not helping. Finally, it was all sorted and I felt better-- but at the time I just wanted to burst into tears. I had no idea what was going on!!! Carly luckily reminded me that we all share. :) Basically we got home and went straight to bed. Exhausting day. Saturday we got up and had breakfast then our family drove us around Chiang Mai and we visited so many Buddhist temples!! Our family took us to visit them so we could learn how to pray like they do. It is actually  similar to what many Christians pray about-- basically they pray for the same things; life, health, job, family etc. They said the word 'good luck' however, I don't really believe in good luck so much... But I found myself praying for similar things... I didn't really feel or experience a spiritual moment-- but it was quiet, beautiful and peaceful. I would pray in a temple again. We had a delicous lunch and this time is was not a stressful experiecne. Then Khun ma took us to a factory/ shop where they make hand-made umbrellas and hand held fans, got some ice cream and headed back home. Once we were home I napped for an hour and then got up (Carly stayed in bed)-- the family and I went to yoga which was amazing and very hot. A bit sore today but in a good way-- I didn't realize I could do some of the poses until she pushed me into them!! Haha Came home, showered and had dinner (home cooked and amazing). The rest of the evening was spent playing music and singing. Tanya plays the violin and I got my flute out. It was nice. Breakfast this morning and then going to Tanya's school to hear her play and later on today around 5pm the markets to shop. Write more soon. H

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