Today is the big day!!! I got up early this morning and did some yoga, just eating some breaky and then going for a walk with my dear friend Rosie. I am basically already to go. We had a prayer time last night which was really lovely-- I think a lot of us felt a lot better after that. We had cookie night and then a few of us had a dance party which was also much needed!!! We will depart the school at 12:45pm and take a bus to St. John... fly to Toronto and have a bit of a stop over there and then finally get on the plane for the 15 hour flight to Hong Kong!!! I just want to get on the plane already!! Soooooooon... Anyway's, not much more to say however, starting tomorrow I will not be checking my facebook but all my blog posts will hopefully be posted to my wall through the settings. Oh, if you would like to e-mail me you can at: I will be checking that once and awhile. Alright, love you all. Take care. Best wishes. Much love always. xoxoxoxoxox -Nikki

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