Well here I am... sitting in the Hong Kong airport. The Thailand program ended officially at 2:30pm on Thursday after a morning of visiting the Grand Palace, the Reclining Buddha and the National History Museum. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, packing, going for dinner with Crys and then bed. We woke up at 3:30am and were on our way to the airport for 4:30am... its been a long morning and its going to be a looooooog day. The group has split now because some of the student are flying to Vancouver, two to Taiwan for a few days and the rest of us to Toronto-- we are all looking forward to going home. Its been an exhausting trip of lectures, museums, sightseeing, home stays and a mix of many cultures-- oh and of course each other!!! Hahaha. However, there is a small part of me that is sad... but I am glad to be going home because I have lots of school work to do and I have the winter semester to look forward to in January. Priorities. If I did not have them I would not be going home. LOL.
It was a fairly big week. I did not go to the market Sunday evening I went to bed instead. Monday we were up early as we got on the bus to make our way down to Bangkok. We first stopped in Sukhothait to visit Sri Satchanalia (ancient city) and the cloth museum-- we stayed overnight here and on Tuesday heading to Ayuthaya where we visited another ancient city and the Historical Study Centre. We spent the night here and on Wednesday heading finally to Bangkok. We visited the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace and Wat Niwet arrived in Bangkok after lunch and went on a Canal tour of the Royal Barges & Temple of the Dawn. For dinner we went to this place where you made your own BBQ. Crys and I found a local pub afterwards and enjoyed  beer with some free wi-fi. Thursday was as I mentioned above and now present. Hong Kong airport-- surrounded by people on their laptops, notebooks, phones, reading the newspaper, talking in Chinese and whatever else it is that people do in airports... I am so tired. I can not wait to just get on the plane-- sleep, eat and watch as many movies as possible. My mate is picking me up in Toronto and I am staying with him and his family for the night... I will arrive on PEI at 10:50am Saturday. Can't wait to eat some of my mama's home cooking and hopefully see my brother and beautiful nieces on Sunday!!!! I am also very excited to see my cat Lilly.... oh and mum and dad too ;). Well,  I have lots of stuff still to write on which will be posted in my Worldviews SEA 2012  page-- Please check it out. Thanks for following my blog... Much Love -Nikki xo

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