Hello everyone... as tempted as I am to go on facebook (like everyone else is doing) I am not going too! Anyway's, after 24hours we finally arrived in Hong Kong. We got on a shuttle bus and toured around hoping on and off. We are now just walking around this HUGE city!!! Pretty hectic. We went out and got some food... we couldn't understand what the menus said so we just pointed to the picture we wanted-- It was really tasty. I used my first squat toilet which was an interesting experience. I did take a photo of it, I don't know if I will be able to upload photos-- I will try. We are now just sitting in an Irish Pub having a drink... we all feel pretty shit. Just want to have a shower and lie down. My thong (flip-flop) broke yesterday morning I super glued it back together it broke again so now I am walking around Hong Kong with one thong on. Oh dear Hahaha. We head back to the airport around 1pm and fly to Malaysia where we spend the next twelve days. Anyways, I am gong to try and blog as much as possible. Hope all is well wherever you are!!! Much love- Nikki xox

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