Sunday afternoon here and I am quite hungover... (sorry mum). Carly and I booked into a hostel last night in the city so we could go out and not worry about having to get back. We shared a room with this guy from Portugal . The three of us went out together-- a lot of Thai rum. Very good rum but I may have over done it a tad... live and learn as they do say...? Anyways, enough about that. Its bee a pretty good week...
Monday through Wednesday we had lectures during the days at CMU (Chiang Mai University) where we have been studying for the last 3 weeks. We learned a lot about Thai history to present day-- very interesting. If you ever decided to travel to SEA at any point in your life, I would highly recommend reading about the history of the different countries and possibly introduce yourself to some of the politics.  The first thing to do is to realize that every single country in SEA is unique in its own way-- the history is different, the culture, languages, religion etc. 
Tuesday after class I went to the yoga studio... I've been going to yoga classes beside my house every weekend. The lady who teaches it has a studio in the city so I went to an hour and a half power yoga class which was awesome. I am really going to miss going to her classes... Went for a delicious dinner afterwards with Carly, khun ma and Tanya. Wednesday I ran home from university-- it was about 5km I think. Not to bad but quite an adventure running in the city streets of this city. Dodging dogs, people, food stands, motorbikes and cars, up and down the sidewalks and not to mention the heat and pollution-- yuck. Thursday we had a field trip to a few different places so I just took it easy. Went to hotel where the leaders are staying had dinner with Crys and then a group of us went for drinks with Yai and his wife (Yai was one of our leaders for the hill tribe visit). 
Friday we had off. Khun pa was home because he had to go to the dentist at 3pm to get a tooth pulled so he took us to this Flora Royal Project Garden which was amazing. He is hilarious as well... taking all these photos of us. He does not speak very much English however, sometimes it is almost easier to communicate with him then Khun ma. We had fish noodle soup for lunch and then he took us up the mountain to see this massive Buddha!!! Really nice view as well. It was a great morning. Took it pretty easy the rest of the day-- school work and organizing my stuff. Saturday I got up and went out with Khun ma. We went to the organic market, and a few grocery stores to get food for dinner and the cheesecake I made. Came back home, made the blueberry cheesecake, had lunch, went to yoga then came home and got ready to spend the night in town. We had an amazing Japanese dinner with vegetables and fish, a tasty red wine from Italy and the cheesecake for dessert. Then we got dropped off at the hostel and went out to a few different bars. Today we have slept most the day. I packed my stuff and went to yoga for the last time... kind of sad. Dinner will be ready soon. I still feel like complete crap-- when I drink I remember why I don't do it often. It literally takes all of my energy away from me. Carly wants to go to the walking street market however, I honestly don't know if I will be able to survive-- lets just hope dinner stays down!! Hahahaha 
Tomorrow is an early day. We hop on the bus, leave Chiang Mai and make our way down to Bangkok. We have a few stops before we get there on Wednesday and then we fly out on Friday. I get into Toronto Friday evening-- spend the night and fly to PEI Saturday morning. Really looking forward to coming home as surprising as that may sound! Hahaha. Well will write more soon. Till then take care -Nikki xo

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