Hello all! Monday evening here, hope you all had an exciting and eventful weekend-- I on the other hand had a very enjoyable relaxing one. The last time i blogged was Friday night and we had just arrived back from 3 days in the hill tribes therefore we were pruenly creeps up on you. CRAZY!!! Carly and I went to the mall for a couple of hours and I purchased the new Taylor Swift CD which I am very happy about-- I just love her LOL.  Then we came back home and I went to yoga with Khun ma, came home had supper and just relaxed the rest of the evening. Sunday I got up and did some more school work, went with Khun ma to pick up some groceries so I could make pumpkin pie. She bought an oven specifically for this-- not a real big one but a pretty big toaster oven type thing that you can bake, grill etc. Pretty sweet. I also got a large purchase-- my new ASUS Pad... very exciting... Love it! Then I came home and made the pie from scratch except for the crust which we bought (a graham cracker one) but the filling was from scratch and it turned out wonderful!!!! I plan on doing another pie again-- this time from scratch... it not here home hehehe. Went to yoga with Khun ma and Khun pa which was really good as always. Came home and made dinner for the family, enjoyed our delicious pie, played some Chinese checkers then off to bed. This morning (Monday) I got up and went for a run, spent the day at uni... lectures were o.k. After classes we got picked up and got some groceries while we waited for Tanya to finish lessons. Came home and made my famous omelets. Delicious. Man I will make a good wife/ mum someday.... SOMEDAY... not yet. I was exhausted when I was all done cooking and cleaning up-- what a long day. Now I am just relaxing, had a shower and going to head to bed soon. Plan on getting up to go running and I am planning on going to yoga tomorrow night. Can't wait!! Well,

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