As I sit here at 6:30am in the morning (Sunday) eating my big bowl of different kinds of cereal (four to be precise) I can not help but think about the last couple of months. Just to be able to wake up and eat whatever I want for breakfast even though I know my stomach is going to hate me later for it-- I should not eat milk or cheese and stay away from wheat as much as possible (something I learned on the trip). In fact it is nice to know what you are eating... haha I joke not. 
I did not sleep the whole way home-- possibly for a maximum of 30 minutes therefore, I went over 30hrs without any. Luckily I was able to sleep a little bit at my mates place Friday night in Toronto and then I slept for about 15 hours last night starting at 6pm... it was good. When I arrived at the airport yesterday Mum, Dad and Lexie were there waiting for me-- I was sooooooo STOKED to see Lexie. I have been so excited to see those babies. Adam and Charley were at the house-- man Charley has grown, almost 9 months old! Seeing them made my day. For dinner mum had her home-made lasagne with Caesar salad and baget-- it was soo yummy!!! Its amazing how all these little things can bring you so much comfort. This is something I have learned about travelling and living in other countries... without even realizing it there are things you might do to bring your comfort, something that may make you feel more at home-- it shows you how much our culture is engrained in each of us. For example: I found great comfort and being able to practice yoga, especialy being able to go to classes in Thailand. Being able to go for a run, cooking for may family-- it was something familiar to me, it made me feel more at home-- it brought me happiness. I think we all do this-- why else is there a China Town in the middle of a city in a country besides China, or a little India? Because we all bring a little bit of our culture with us where ever we go... a very large part of our identity. 
Now I find myself drinking a cup of tea from Thailand... last night I ate my dinner with a spoon and fork-- now that I am home I am finding comfort in things that were so unknown to me before... isn't that funny? I guess this is all part of experiencing culture shock or culture differences. It was very hard for me not to "Wy" as well to every single person I spoke too hahaha. Now people would think I am really strange if I did that. Anyway's, its bloody cold I will tell you that much, minus 3 degrees or something... how have I ever survived living in this country!?!? However, I will admit that I absolutely love crawling into bed and getting cosy with all my blankets and teddy bear hehehe. 
Well I will write more again soon... as I sit here and reflect on the last 2 months. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!! -Nikki xo

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