20 work days straight... 13 weeks later... 84 working days in total with only 11 days off... it has all come to an end. Wow, it is hard to believe that it is over already... I am very excited about the up coming weeks however, I am also a bit sad. There is such something about the country up here in the Northern Territory... you literally fall in love with it-- the people are just so different up here as well. Everyone I have met has been just so lovely. I know I will be back to this country again but, when? That is unknown. 
The last few days have been quite good Martial, John and I have been putting out the last of the lick all around the station. Then Martial and I did some more painting and a little bit of fencing. My last day today was fantastic!! We spent the whole morning driving around Gilnockie putting out the lick, it was so great just to be able to take it in. It was also nice to get to spend some time with John and just chat as we drove... Martial was following behind us in the tractor. We came back for a quick cup of tea went back out again then came home for lunch. After lunch John took me up in the helicopter for about 20 minutes... it is such an amazing feeling being in a small helicopter... and the view of the station is absolutely breath taking!!! You get such a high afterwards... it makes me want to me a helicopter pilot every time. John is a known legend in flying, he was flown over 70,000 hours and that is not including the times he has flown for personal reasons or what ever. Pretty impressive! After the ride in the chopper Martial and I check a fence, painted the main gain and did a few last things to get the ute ready for the trip into town tomorrow. Helen made the most amazing meal!!! Her roasts which I have said before are the best and then for dessert she made this dark chocolate lava thing... it was sooo yummy. Super stuffed now, pretty sure I cancelled out the workout I did before hand! Hahahaha. Anyway's I am all packed... painted my nails and am starting to feel like a girl again. Heading to town at 7:30am... should get there around 10:30/11am and than I a meeting Mark and Jack for lunch at the Coffee Club... Jack and I than catch a bus at 12:55pm to Darwin. We stay the night there with the same guy I couched surfed with when I arrived back in May... Tuesday we fly to Bali!!! Its all happening. I have so much to look forward too and so much to be thankful for. Life is super amazing when you make the most of it... and I am! Till next time. -Nikki x 

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