Its been a few days... I have been itching to get on here and blog! Friday was a good day, another day of fencing and heaps of walking. I was very proud to have survived my two nights in the bush alone... in fact Thursday night was the best sleep I have had in Australia yet!! While fencing on Friday I saw yet another baby brown snake, this time though it was alive! It was very exciting... I took a picture and hope to post it on my website here soon. Crazy to think one bite by this small lil' thing is deadly... ekkk. I am surprised to how may I have been seeing, as I haven't before. After work on Friday I went and stayed at the neighbours station with my mate Teagan as we were getting up early Saturday to head into Katherine. So much for sleeping in on my day off, I was up around 5:50am... argh Drove the 3 hours to Katherine, she drove the first bit and I the second. We had to go pick up her ute at the mechanics in town and do some running around. I bought some new boots and got to eat sushi and ice cream which was soooooooooooo good!! We went to her storage unit to drop up some of her stuff as she is moving soon. As we were doing this I came across a red back spider which is also deadly. I don't care for spiders much... at least snakes are pretty to look at... We then got ready for the horse races in the storage unit and put our make-up on using the ute's mirror... my eye liner was basically melted.. the downfall of having make-up up here, its so bloody hot everything melts. It is a very dress up even here in Australia for horse races, all the women are in dresses with fasinators in their hair... some look beautiful and classy and others just look trashy... a huge social event which involves alcohol. We didn't drink as we had to drive back to the station later on. It as nice to get dressed up and look pretty, but come 4:30pm we were getting pretty tired and ready to get the boots back on. Went back to the storage unit to change and head back, however we need to get a horse float... ended up having to go back to the races to find the lady who we were getting it from, so by the time we got out of Katherine it was about 8:30pm.... I had to drive one of the ute's back and Teagan the other... It was an interesting drive, there were lots of stations burning off srub (I will be writing about this later on this week if you are curious to what it means), anyways its very pretty but smoky as you are driving. I made it about half way then we had to pull over and leave the ute I was driving at a station, I was to tired to drive any further and its just dangerous here to drive at night-- cattle, buffalo, roo's... We were so glad to get back, and went to bed straight away. It is nice to get to town, but its a bit overwhelming when you are there... you start to miss the bush and look I always look forward to getting back. We were tired today when we got up... had another day of fencing and lots of walking. Saw another snake, I think it was a brown one and a bit bigger but wasn't sure. Took a picture anyways, and kept my distance. Anyways, thats been the last few days... nothing to exciting... looks like we will be doing cattle work by the end of June first of July which is super exciting!!! There is also a french student coming from France soon so it will be nice to have another human being around-- not just a crazy dog, cat and chook! hahaha. Well till tomorrow hopefully! -Nikki :) 

05/20/2012 6:23pm

That sounds like too many snakes and spiders

05/20/2012 6:49pm

you be careful out there


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