Well I survived my first night ever in the bush completely alone... I could have killed the cat who was super annoying and kept waking me up. I did a lot of praying let me tell you... I tried to not let my imagination run to wild but it is hard with all the sounds out here. I slept on the couch, but tonight I am going to attempt to sleep in my bed where it is much cooler, I can lock the doors as well. The dog is tied up so he would bark if something was up, but still... its just so isolated out here you can't help but be a bit afraid. 

My mate from QLD, Australia called me last night so that was good to pass time... the rest of the evening I read and tried to do some studying, went to bed around 9pm... was pretty tired out. 

Anyways, another day of fencing it was today... we actually got quite a bit done, lots of walking. Picked up rubbish that we found a long the way. It was hot today, you have to remember to drink water or you can perish quickly. The chook here (chicken) is physco... it will chase you around and try and peck you... Teagan has gotten pecked a few times, I haven't yet haha its kinda funny to be a bit afraid of a chook. Found some dingo tracks today when we were out fencing, but didn't see any... but there are some around. Teagan said she heard some last week when she was fencing out on her own before I came. Its nice having someone to fence with when you are out in the scrub, just in case something happens. She will get here tomorrow at 7am and we are usually out fencing by 7:30am... we will stop for lunch around noon (usually we have to take a guess by looking at the sun) but shes had a lil' watch the last few days... however, we are usually quite accurate by looking at the sun... its just things you learn out here through observation and your surroundings. 

If you have a look on the main page and scroll down you will find a map of the Territory, I tried to give you an idea of where I am... Well, I am going to go do some writing on Isolation which you can read about if you click on the heading above "Cattle Station Life in the Australian Outback." I will be doing one write up a week about various topics. Well thanks for reading my blog, I hope you are all taking care of yourself and I hope you are enjoying reading about what I am doing out here. If you ever have any questions please feel free to comment. Cheers. -Nikki

05/17/2012 2:53am

It's so funny when I read your blog, I just have the imagination to be with you agin at Gilnockie !
Thank you so much

Nancy Leger
05/17/2012 5:18am

Glad to hear you got along good by yourself.


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