Well, it has been a few days. I have just been either much to busy or way to tired to get on here and write out my thoughts. I just finished working 19 days straight... I am exhausted in every which way and am looking forward to having the next few days off to do some reading (hopefully), relax and spend some  party time with my mates that I was working with out here. After 9 weeks out bush I am really ready for a break. I will be ready to come back but honestly you just hit a breaking point and you need to get out. You need to put some mascara on and look like a girl. See other people.... feel apart of society! Hahahaha. I love it out here, but every once and awhile it takes its toll on you. 
It took a lot out of me having people around. I am such a routine person and after 2 months out here alone I was in such a routine and of course that got all messed up with people coming and the food changing a bit. Its amazing how your body knows when things like that change. However, it was such a blast having them out here. The three of us, Madi, Mark and Jack all got along really well... I felt so alone and sad lying in bed last night when they left after tea. Mark and Madi are not coming back... Mark is going on holiday to NZ and Madi back to Uni. I think Jack is coming back, it would be nice to have someone around again that I know. Frenchy is also coming in 6 days or something... so all my alone time is pretty much gone. But that's ok. Different experiences are good... its just hard to believe how fast time is going. At first it seems like the days are going slow and than all of a sudden 'bang' its time to go! Crazy. 
Its one thing I have never gotten used to as I have travelled. Saying 'goodbye.' It never gets easy. Just knowing you might never see that person again is some what terrifying? I don't know if that is the word but as I said to Madi: "I was enchanted to meet you..." It is so true. Each of these people, I feel enchanted to have met. In some small way they have left a mark on my soul and I know I will always remember them.... even if I only spent 2 weeks with them. However, 2 weeks out bush feels much longer!!!! Its almost like a lil' community out here. 
The last 2 weeks have been yard work with the cattle and a few days between there of fencing and other small jobs that needed to get done. Yesterday (Thursday) we walked the cattle out to a watering hole. It took us the whole day... it was over 18km or something... a far journey for the lil' guys. We were on quad bikes and the ute. There is something about being out bush and walking the cattle to the water. Silence, peace, surrounded by nature. We had 400+ head and just as we were about to the water the mob went into the scrub. It was very think and we couldn't get them all back, John had to come help us in the Helicopter.... we got most them back. I think we were short 5 or something. I understand it must be hard for some of you to comprehend what it is I am talking about... hahahaha. 
Anyways, there is so much that has happened-- both good and some not the most pleasant. That is the way it goes though. I am really looking forward to having these next few days off, to just chill and hopefully get for at least one run. I am staying with John's daughter in Katherine. Both her and her husband are very lovely, and they have three beautiful kids. I am going in with their son-in-law Paul who is also going to stay with them. We are both looking forward to the time away! Well I will try and write more again soon. Till next time -Nikki x

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