The last week has just been crazy busy... 12 hour days starting at 6:30am and ending at 6:30/7:00pm. In the yard most days however, spending a few days fencing and getting other small jobs done. This is my 13th day working straight so its pretty full on. The Katherine Show is next weekend and I think we are all getting a few days off which will be good so I have that to look forward too. My room-mate Madi is pretty great, we've been doing workouts, having chocolate sessions, Milo's... we get along really well! Yesterday evening I got to go for a ride in the helicopter which was amazing. The country looks so beautiful from up above and it was an amazing site to see all the cattle being mustered down the lane way-- absolutely breathtaking. Ah, I just love the country out here. There shall always be a piece of my heart left here-- "The Never Never." 
It has been very hot here the last few days... just sweating madly. We've been going for swims at lunch or at the end of the day which is really awesome. My whole routine has been a bit dismantled the last week as well... just having people around, longer days... etc. It also makes it a bit harder to focus on studies as well. Anyway's, hard to believe how fast time is going by, before we know it summer will be over! Will write more soon. -Nikki

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