G'day!  Another day of fencing it was... lots of walking. Fencing is such tedious work!! I do enjoy it, I love being outside... its an important part of the cattle station especially in prep for mustering and drafting the cattle, it also provides security and also boundaries from other properties. I love being in the yard and doing cattle work so I know all this fencing is worth it!! However, it can be very frustrating, things can go wrong so quickly, they can break or you can make mistakes-- I don't think I have ever swore at anything my whole life as much as I do when I am out here... I really try not to, but it is very hard... 

My boss and his wife are away for the next two nights so I am hear on the station alone, I am trying very very hard not to let my mind wander and freak the crap out of myself (as I often do). The neighbour is 20km away, and I can just call them if I need anything--Isolation!! (I am working on a writing piece about this at the moment and hope to have it posted on my website in the next few days). I have realized that I love being on my own and having my own time-- but it is nice to know that there are people not to far away. I like it when there is someone else here with me... I have the dog (who is tied up because he keeps stalking Teagan and I), the chook who is also quite aggressive although I don't know how much damage she could actually do and then there are all the cattle... but they are out in the scrub so thats not really of any help. Anyways, I am just praying away asking for peace in my mind and the strength to get through this night (I hope I can get some sleep). Oh, and there is the lil' pussy cat. 

There are lots of weird sounds-- this is what happens when you have a tin roof, you hear everything! Like all the bugs flying around and whatever else is out there-- snakes and such. Didn't see to much wildlife today, always lots of birds, and the odd kangaroo or wallaby. Saw these two huge moths today! Man they were about half the size of my hand--yuck! Found another dead baby brown snake-- deadly! Oh, we came across another bat... we were unable to free it, it makes me really sad they are so bloody cute, like a mouse with wings... I can't think about it cause it makes me sad. I hate seeing things suffer. 

Anyways, three more work days and then my day off-- you really look forward to this day. Get some laundry done just chill and relax. Usually I do some cleaning and read while sun bathing, however I think I am staying with my mate Sat night at her station and heading into Katherine with her on Sunday, think I may need some new boots and I would love to get some ice cream and a few lil' goodies to bring back out with me! Man, when you don't have access to things you seem to want it, or least just have it so if you want if you can have it! Hahaha Weird!

Well I need to finish reading my chapter in my book and prob try and sleep. I don't think my body has fully adjusted yet because I haven't been sleeping the best. I pray I have a better sleep tonight! Till tomorrow -Nikki 

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