Its all happening now... yesterday I spent the day getting a few things done in the yard and did some fencing. Today I spent most the day doing the same thing however, three new people arrived: Madison, Mark and Jake. They are all in their early 20's so it is nice to have some other young people around (no offence to John and Helen lol). The blokes are pretty good looking too! ;) Hahaha Madi and I are sharing a room, she is great... I think we will get along real well. Its great working with Aussie's, previous times its been me and other backpackers, so this is a real treat!! Paul and another bloke will be arriving tomorrow sometime I think. The yard is full again with more cattle sooooooo....... you know what that means!!! Yard Time!!! Whoooot... soo pumped! Man I love it so much! Next few days will be busy... actually the next few weeks! But its all good. Nice to have people around for a change however, it was nice to have some real alone time as well. I will try to keep up with blogging as 

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