Things are starting to get busy. Monday spent the day again out with John, Tuesday I was on my own as John and Helen had to go to town. John went in the big truck to get it registered and Helen went in the car to pick up her mum who is up for a month from Alice Springs. They came back in the evening however, John stayed the night at his daughters in town b/c he didn't get his helicopter till late, couldn't make it back before it got dark. He is a helicopter pilot, he flew from Katherine to another station where he spent the day mustering than he got back late in the avro. So today I spent the day alone again shovelling dirt out of the race in the yard. Electrified a few more fences, cleaned the ute out and started put down a concrete slab in the yard when John got back. All is all a good day. Had a good steak for tea-- yummy. Tomorrow will be another full day and than Friday we are mustering and everyone else that is coming to work in the yard for the next few weeks is also arriving. Saturday we are doing a killer which I am stoked about-- I will write more about that when we do it. Not sure when my next day off will be

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