Finally!!! I haven't been able to get onto my site for the past few days... Don't know what was going on! Anyway's, not a whole lot to say... been working with John the last few days getting fences ready to electrify and other jobs around the station all in preparation for mustering and working the cattle. People should be arriving in the next few days... supposedly there is a nice looking young bloke rockin' up (I will be the judge of that when I see him with my own eyes)!! Haha No distractions, just some nice eye candy-- there is no harm in that eh? Been spending a lot of time reading for my studies... I am really enjoying it and have found that I have a new interest in economics! Oh how I love to learn! :) John and Helen were both quite sick, actually Helen is still sick so I had Saturday off instead of Sunday. It was a good day off, I was feeling so bloody tired but, I am feeling much better now-- just glad I didn't catch what they had! I hope you are still enjoying reading my blog. I should put some pictures on here for those of you who are not on my facebook, I haven't been able to upload videos yet either. It can take a while. It's been nice working with John, I've had a few good laughs which is always good for the soul. Well should get back to'er. I will write more soon. Hopefully this site doesn't give me trouble again. Till next time -Nikki (Still haven't had that beer I was going to have to celebrate Canada Day lol). 

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