Another day of fencing, got a lot done. Working on some new fence lines, and taking down some old ones. Feeling a bit tired today... I think next week will be better once I am fully adjusted to everything. Haven't been sleeping all that well (not sure why), and I had some horrible dreams last night. I have been learning about a few different things in which I hope to talk about in my blog later on this week. What I am going to do is try and write about my day each day and then at the end of the week talk about a particular issue or topic. Its getting late, and I should be getting to bed soon. But I want to leave you with the word: "Isolation," which I hope to talk more about later on. Its odd, this is my third time back to the station and I haven't been here a week... but for some reason this word is on my mind-- the Australian Outback and Its Isolation. Its possible I am feeling isolated, one because I am... however, what does it mean out hear? I will write more soon. Till then

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