Well as you may have read a few blogs ago Helen and John were away back and forth a lot last week. However,  on Friday morning they left and I did not see them again still Monday evening. Therefore, I went 3 days without seeing a human-being! You may think, aww poor Nicole but, an actual fact I didn't mind it at all. It was nice just to be out here on my own, I don't actually mind it any more, I don't feel or get scared like I used too. In saying that though, it was nice to have them home again. :) 
It is now Wednesday night and I am on my way to bed. The last 3 days have been good. Monday I spent the day out in the bush fencing away (same ol' really), and yes I am getting a bit tired of fencing but you gotta do what you gotta do. Tuesday John and I spent the day running out lick, fixing water pipes, and a few other things-- can't remember off the top of my head... but it was nice to get a break from fencing and it is always good working with John... poor guy fell over and got completely soaked! Lol Today the three of us; John, Helen, and I cleaned out the storage room, and did a bit of inventory on things we will be needing for the yard. We also fixed a few more water pipes, welding on some gates and some other lil' things that needed to be done. Tomorrow we will be back at it again. Things are going to be getting pretty busy around here as we are in preparation for getting the cattle mustered and put through the yard-- lets say the next 6 weeks approx! Oooo I am stoked!!!! 
Had a roast dinner tonight, Helen cooks a mean (very very yummy) roast... sorry mum but it is some tasty!! Well it's getting late... crap... I need to get sleep, we've all been feeling a bit flat around here the last few days. Lol Till next time -Nikki x

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