Been a few days, just enjoying my day off however, I have been sitting here all morning working on my paper-- my eyes are red but I have finally finished and e-mailed it to my prof. John and Helen have been away all weekend. It hasn't been to bad being here alone, I am actually quite used to it now. The dog "Bill" slept in my room with me on his bed the last few nights so I felt safe and secure. Plus praying always helps too. :) The last few days since I wrote last have been pretty much the same just fencing away, taking the rubbish to the dump etc. Helen brought me back a tub of ice cream from town the other day which was very nice. However, as much as I miss have these things I actually prefer not to have them while I am out here. Being out here you kind of cleanse your body of all the shit that you put into it. Regardless, I will eat the ice cream but I am going to make it last until I leave. Being out here also makes me realize how much time I spend thinking about food and worrying about what I eat! Lol. It is cool and windy here today. Anyway's, just enjoying a cup of tea. Have lots of things to be working on, time is flying by. I am now starting my 7th working week which means I am almost at the half mark-- as I have stated before I am here for a total of 15 weeks. This also means that it is not to far away till Uni starts up again and than we will be off to Asia!! I am excited however, I have a lot of work to do. There is also the topic of student loan's which I dislike very much... haha Hopefully, we will be in the yard again soon... possibly next week sometime. A few things have changed with the other blokes coming so we need to really get hooked into the cattle soon. Well I might go get my laundry off the line, and possibly lie in the sun for an hour or so if it is warm enough. I am feeling tired today, I didn't have the greatest sleep lastnight, the dog was being loud. Ha! 

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