Good day today, enjoy my first beer in over a month. Yesterday was a bit of a blah day, I think I was just feeling a bit blue. However, today was good. John and Helen went into town and had to take the ute so I stayed around the house area and did some fencing which was kind of nice. I don't mind being out here alone, but it is nice when they are home. They will come home tonight than have to go somewhere tomorrow and than they will be away Friday and Saturday night. Helen's mum is coming next weekend, so that will be another face and there should be some bloke's rockin' up soon as well to start doing cattle work-- which I am excited about. Time is going quick, I am in my 6th working week out of 15 weeks so another week and a half and I will be at the half mark! I am horrible at counting down for things hahaha. Anyway's, I don't really have to much to say. It's been hot in the afternoon's but windy, haven't seen any snakes but always see kangaroo's... oh which reminds me, last week when Teagan and I were on our way home from the yards there was a wallaby on the road. We got out, it wasn't hit but it was in shock... we carried it off into the bush and put it under a tree, I think it was alright... they are so cute and much smaller than kangaroo's. Well I need to get cracking on this reading as I 

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