Good day today... hot but there was a wind that helped keep you cool. I have realized the more clothes you wear the cooler your body stays... so much for tan lines! hahaha More fencing today-- you set out to do one thing though and a hundred other things happen. Tangled wire, broken wire... the list goes on and on. You can never really plan anything when fencing, because you never know whats going to happen! They had a late wet here, so there is still lots of bugs around and heaps of beautiful birds, I will try and get some photo's up-- thats the one things about this country the birds are soo beautiful to look at but bloody noisy! Had lunch near a water hole today and watched the cattle, they are always entertaining because they are so curious so you sit in the Ute (truck) and there is usually one who is brave that will start walking towards you, carefully.. then they will all start coming. If you make a sudden noise or move they all go scattering... its funny. They are so cute. haha Anyways, came back to the station and helped Big John do some mechanical work on the Ute then I had to drive Teagan home, but we met her b/f on the way... came back had a sho

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