Well it's been a few days! The last time I wrote was Wednesday morning... John and his son lil' John were out mustering cattle in the helicopters while Teagan and I spent the day fencing. We were fixing up the boundary fence and Teagan had to get into the water... hahaha so she took are sock, boots and jeans off and in she went! Talk about getting involved! It's been bloody hot here the last few days... I almost joined her!! So Wednesday wasn't to exciting, we got to bed early to get a good rest for Thursday which was a very invigorating day in the yard-- yarding up the cattle, drafting them, putting them up the raceway and through the crush. Very hard and dangerous work, you always need to be on your feet and aware of what's going on at all times or you could get run over very easily. I absolutely love every moment in the yard and I love learning about and working the cattle! 
Thursday morning we got up and had breaky, than we get the smoko box organized: tea, coffee, and some fruit. Get water, and all the things we will need for the yard such as vaccinations, etc. Head up to the yards.. I think we had about 1000+ head of cattle in the yard this time, get everything set up and than we start yarding them up and once the different yards are full we began drafting them such as cows, bulls,, heifers, steers, and so on (I am going to do a write up in a bit more detail to help better understand, I will keep you posted). Once we have drafted through a few we than put a mob through the race way, give them their vaccinations, de-horn, etc. Most of the cattle we had in the yard this mob were heifers (female calves from last year), and cows. Steers will be going through the yard next. Again I will explain all this lingo in a more in depth write up. Had a smoko break mid-morning than went back at er.' Had a lunch break mid afternoon and than back at er' again finishing up around 6pm. All in all, a great hard working day in the yards and a big success!! Friday same thing again however, this time we had to muster the heifers back out to the padic. We had someone in front leading the herd and than another person behind (in ute's). Rest of the day was pretty much the same. Saw a huge carpet snake! (they are not deadly or anything) but he was at least 10ft. long!!!! Pretty cool. We were pretty tired by the end of the day yesterday, and bloody hungry. It's also been pretty hot the last few days and even hotter when you are running around in it. The one downfall about the yards and having cattle in it is the dust... I literally wiped black crap out of my eyes, nose and ears!!! Hahahaha. However, there are sprinklers we just didn't use them this time. Hopefully they will be up and running the next time we are in the yard which should be not next week but the week after. Now for today, Saturday. Teagan left this morning so it was just me again off fencing. Started off my morning by getting bogged. Once I was out I fixed the fence and than as I was heading back for lunch I got the friggin' ute stuck on the gate... don't even ask how that happened... I was some pissed. So I walk 5km back to the homestead, as I didn't have the radio, with water (never go bush without water). 3pm by the time I got back, stuffed lunch into my face and than John came and got be unstuck. Spent the avro cleaning the ute out. I am some exhausted today. I love walking, but when you haven't eaten since breaky, and its 30+ degree's out, you've just spent the morning bashing in pickets it is not the most enjoyable walk!! Hahahaha. Anyway's, I was just glad John wasn't mad about be getting stuck, bent the cab a bit however, John said it was already bent... what a relief. Stupid mistakes! Always learning. I am full not, just had a huge  feed, enjoyed a cup of tea going to watch a movie and hopefully sleep in a bit tomorrow-- Day Off!!!! Whooot. 
Anyway's, keep checking out my other heading on my website here, the cattle station Australian life one as I will be writing more on a day in the yard and all the preparation etc. that goes into producing a piece of steak. I will tell you one thing, all this experience working on farms and such makes me appreciate food more than you know. Have a think about it sometime. :) Till tomorrow. -Nikki x

06/18/2012 5:54am

Now that was quite the couple of days


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