Just lying here in bed... I like getting up a bit before I have to so I have time to lye here and check e-mails etc. Will get up soon and get ready for work and have breakfast. We are going to be mustering today and be in the yard tomorrow!!!! Sooo pumped, I will write more about that later on!! As for the last two days, well Monday was a day filled with lots of different things, did a few things in the yard for preparation, welding on some more gates, put up panels, put out some lick... we also had to shoot a cow as she got bogged the other day, John pulled her out on Sunday but it was to much stress on her and she didn't get back up. It is always sad when that happens. Other than that, it was a good day, worked with John for most of it. Yesterday, I just had a bad day. We all have them, no particular reason. I got shocked my the fence, and grrr I hate when that happens!! I also got smacked in the face by a wire and that just pissed me off even more! I think I just felt tired of fencing yesterday, as you do. I also was missing home, and just missing being around people. A hug would be nice! Hahahahaha. Anyway's new day today, hopefully it will be better. Teagan is here today as well as lil' John so it will be good to have a few new faces around. Well best get my day started!! -Nikki 

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