Just finishing some tea (which is dinner and when I say cuppa, I mean a cup of tea... just in case I needed to be a bit more clear, lol), and my day off is coming to an end. It was a bit of a busy day, laundry, studying, some cleaning and I ended up changing rooms. The French student that was to come broke his collar bone and isn't coming till the end of July now, so Helen said I can switch rooms... so now I have a room all to myself and a nice big bed. I am happy. I like this room. :) 
I had a good week. Friday I built a brand new fence all by myself and than spent the afternoon helping John out with welding the assembly's for gates and such. It was a bit of a break from some hard work which is always nice... and I spent the day on Saturday helping him out as well. Not sure what is going on tomorrow, I think I will be back out helping him, not 100% about Teagan coming on Tuesday to do some cattle work but I  am hoping we are going to be doing some mustering and yard work this week and we also need to get some lick out to the cattle. Lick is the nutrition we give to the cattle, it come in big blocks, we give it out to them because the soil this time of the year is very deficient in Calcium and Phosphorus. All the important things about raising cattle, always something to be done!
Anyway's, just a quick update... nothing to exciting however, I have lots to look forward too over the next few weeks. Hard to believe that I am start my 5th working week already!!! Only 10 more to go after that!!!! :) -Nikki  

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