I had a really good day today... Spent the first bit of the morning finishing up a fence that i was fixing up, then I came back to the homestead, had a cuppa and then spent the rest of the morning out with John driving in posts with the tractor. Came home had lunch and then went back out to drive a few more posts in and a lil' more fencing. I will have lots of new fences to work on over the next two days and then its Sunday again already which means........... my day off! Yay :) I like to stay up a lil' later and watch a movie on my lap-top hehe. I just can't get over how fast time is going by... its absolutely bonkers!! That's one thing about being out here, time seems to go by quick cause your always keeping busy. I am so happy to be back and I know when the time comes I will be sad again to leave... Lol. I know, I know... a few weeks ago I was missing home, but now that I have settled in again I realize that I love being here!! Anyways, all in all a great day today. Seen lots of kangaroo's... I will try and get a good photo (they are fast). -Nikki 

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