Well it was just me out here today... John and Helen went into town and they won't be back till late tonight. Just chillin' in the kitchen with the cat and dog. Good day, I didn't get back to the house for lunch till 2:30pm as I was working on this one wire fence in the lane way and of course the last bit had to be difficult! I thought it was all good, but I my way back home at the end of the day I noticed that I will need to fix it again tomorrow... what a piss off! Anyway's, had a good sleep last night so I am feeling pretty good today however, I know by the end of the week I will be looking forward to my day off. I have started a new book for my second book reflection which is due in 3 weeks. Time is going quick. I arrive in Australia almost a month ago-- left home today a month ago. In my forth week of work already! Nice breeze today, so it wasn't as hot as it was the last few days... bloody hot and humid... sweat literally dripping down my face. Its great that the ute has air conditioner! Haven't had a chance to upload those video's yet, it was taking a long time when I went to do it. I will try again though soon. I have been uploading photo's onto face book so if you want to have a look please do.... :) Nothing to exciting really, just everyday stuff out here in the Outback!!! I can't wait to discover South East Asia in a few months!!! -Nikki x

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