Well the last three days have been flat out... hence why I haven't written on here. After a full day of work I have been spending my evenings reading and working on a paper which is due tomorrow and I am only half done! Thank goodness for the time change.... hehehe That will give me some more time! Thursday I spent the day fencing away... In the last week that I have been working on my own I think I have probably pulled and bashed approx. 100 pickets... My body is feeling this today. Friday I spent the morning helping Big John fixing the flat tires and other odd jobs.... it was a bit of a nice break from fencing however, I has back hard er' in the afternoon.... and let me say the last few days have been really hot and humid in the afternoon, we actually got a dash of rain here Friday morning for like 5min. The plumber also came on Friday and we had the neighbour Sam and a backpacker come for supper (she was from Holland). We had a roast dinner which was sooooooo yummy.... Helen makes the best roasts! I was so full though I could barley move.... I was soo hungry yesterday. I have been working bloody hard!!! It was nice to have some other people around and sit together at the dinner table.... but I must say that I am quite used to being out here alone and am coming to enjoy it... its really not so bad once you adjust. A few weeks though and this place will be full with Frenchy, Teagan and the contractors who are hired to do the cattle. It should make for fun and interesting times-- however, I need to stay focused on my studies!!!! Time is going by quick, June already.... Crazy! And today marks my third week here, another twelve to go! Anyway's, I am just lying here in bed about to get up to go eat breaky and a cuppa then its off for work day 20-- more fencing!! Whooooooot. I am soooo pumped about my day off tomorrow. My body needs it :) Signing off till next time -Nikki 

06/01/2012 2:42pm

Enjoy your day off and rest those muscles. Pretty soon you will be able to fence with your eye closed...oh maybe not a good idea. Way too many snakes


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