Chicken! Yup, that's right we had chicken for supper tonight--yummy. Good day today, started off a bit ruff as I left the door open by mistake (it doesn't shut properly actually), anyways the cat got out and so I spent the morning worrying about that hoping she would come back... sure enough she did-- thank goodness! She is high up on the food chain out here for lots of different things. Spent the morning and afternoon fixing up fences-- straining, pulling and bashing out pickets, putting on isolators-- basically getting then all ready to be electrified. Worked alone today... it really isn't so bad just takes longer but I really don't mind. Its nice to be one with the bush! Haha. However, I am still looking forward to seeing another face around here in the  near future. Nothing to exciting happened today, the water wasn't working for a bit but they got that fixed pretty quick... had to run around and turn on the generators near the bores... I hope to explain more about water here so you have an idea how important it really is out bush. Everything is actually. :) Tomorrow is hump day... its seems I count down a lot out here.... really the things I have to look forward to day to day are meals and then my day off! Hahaha. However, I am spending my evenings studying and reading... I have a book reflection due on Sunday. I am also researching and looking at sustainable living here on the station and in agriculture... hope to learn lots. I am not sure if you are aware but everything I am blogging and writing about is for a course I designed. It will be used as one credit towards my International Studies degree... So please any questions or comments I would love to answer if I can. It may also help me too. Well its 9:02pm... bedtime for me! Your all just starting your day. :) Till next time -Nikki x

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