Tired today... day off wasn't long enough! Worked with John yesterday morning and then was out by myself, it was dark when I finally got in. Today I worked alone while John and Helen went into town to get the new bulls they purchased at the Annual Bull Sale in Katherine on Saturday, they are in the yard tomorrow and need to be brander and such tomorrow. Hopefully I will be helping John out with that. Saw a Dingo run across the road as I was driving out to the area I was working in... saw a lot of tracks as well, John reckon's we will have to put bait out soon. I didn't mind working alone... however lunch was a bit lonely--I missed you Teagan! Anyway's it was a good day all in all it felt like a bit of a long, it will be nice to have someone to work with again.. just makes the day go by a bit faster and it makes the work load a bit easier. :) Just finished eating tea... they don't eat carbs out here other than veggies and fruit... the first couple weeks I was craving sugar but now I am not really craving anything.... We eat a LOT of beef... three times a day: Breaky 2 eggs, beef sausage, and a piece of bacon (fried). Lunch I have a corn beef sandwich or sometimes corn beef and salad, and supper is different sometimes but consists of beef and veggies. It seems like a lot, but when you don't have access to the cupboard you fill up when you can and the protein keeps me going for the day. I also find myself adding the sea salt she has to my food-- you need the iodine because of the work you do in the heat, sweating and such. I have an apple or two a day and when she has oranges I eat them. I have my cup of tea every morning with milk and honey which is my special lil' treat. I have a stash of dark chocolate as well which is good but I am getting low... will need her to get me a few things next time she is in town. Well best get going-- I need to do some reading... my first book reflection is due on Sunday!!! Till next time -Nikki 

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