Hello! 7:21am here, Saturday morning... was unable to sleep in on my day off... ah well. Just me here today, John and Helen had to go into town for the annual bull sale, to look and possibly buy a bull or two. Going to do laundry, do some reading and sun bathe. Yesterday was a good working day didn't get back till dusk so it was a long day. Spent the day working with big John, saw a Dingo while I was fencing but didn't have my camera on me so didn't get a picture... They are a bit of a problem out here especially when its time to do cattle... if there are sick animals or calves they can be trouble. We will often shoot them if we see them around the yard during that time. They are a beautiful animals... but I will keep my distance. Anyways, not to much more to say. Better get this lau

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