Well I am absolutely exhausted today... two more days and then I can enjoy my day off... Today was another big day-- picket driving, fencing, lots of walking... came home and made a hot cup of this delicious coco stuff Teagan brought for me... man it was just what I needed! So deprived of all goodness out here... hahaha What I would do for ice cream... man I think about food to much! I am going to get Helen to get me a few things when she is in town next time, probably next week. Teagan did her last day today, so from here on in till about the end of June it is just me here with Helen and John... Going to be double the work now.... its always nice to see another human being... hopefully time will pass by quick! No poisonousness snakes or spiders today mum, although I put about 8 green frogs into the water that John got out of my toilet... bloody things are plugging it up on me! Of course we saw heaps of cattle, possibility we might be doing a bit of cattle work for a few days coming up but I don't know yet-- fingers crossed (the whole reason I come here-- to work cattle). Anyway's I need to get some sleep, I reckin' tomorrow is going to be another big one. Sending Love to all my family and friends back home in Canada. -Nikki xo

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