Well today was a good day, got to do something a bit different which was nice. Big John (my boss) was out working with us, we were driving in pickets with the picket driver fixing up current fences on high pressure area's. High pressure area's where cattle like to go through, breaking the fence... It was a hard working day today, I was pretty tired at the end of it and bloody hungry.... we usually eat lunch around noon and then I don't eat again till tea which is usually 8/8:30pm so its a long time to go without tucker... However, we eat a lot of meat here which is probably while I can last for so many hours without food. What I would do for ice cream or some graham crackers with peanut butter... I did grab a spoonful of it when I got back hehehe. Today Teagan got the ute stuck in a sink hole so I had to refresh my tractor skills and pull her out! A lot of walking today, and it was bloody hot. The day started of lovely, nice breeze but man that sun was beaten down on us in the avro!! I burnt my left hand by falling on the exhaust pipe of the welding machine... that was a smart move. The picket driver was plugged into it and I was on the back of the ute driving the pickets in, John walking along measuring the distance between pickets and Teagan driving... stood up and fell forward... and sizzle went the hand! Not to bad now though, I swear your hands grow some extra skin on them or something out here. I am going to need a manicure when I get home that's for sure! All in all it was a good day, something different which is good. Teagan's last day in tomorrow and that makes me a bit sad... so really looking forward to this french student arriving... hopefully he's cute-- nice to have some eye candy out here! Hahahhaha Watching the "State of Origin" at the moment... Rugby is pretty big here in Australia... this state or origin is a big thing that aussie's celebrate and watch. Three games, two teams NSW (New South Whales- the Blues) and QLD (Queensland- the Maroons) play against each other, the players are the best players from the rugby teams, meaning that these teams are made specifically for the this match. Anyways, tea is up and I am going to watch the match! Till tomorrow. -Nikki x

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