It was a hot day today even with the slight wind. I saw two aeroplanes fly over which helped remind me that I am still living on earth hahaha. More fencing again today, straining wires, bashing pickets into the ground, putting on insulators in preparation to electrify the fence (which we attempted today but were unsuccessful... hopefully tomorrow). For lunch we pulled up under a tree for the shade, it was near a water hole which a large mob of cattle like to spend their day... they are so funny to watch as they are very curious creatures. As we came they all started running towards us as they thought we had lick (sorry guys but no lick today). We will soon start feeding out lick to the cattle which as minerals that they need because there is a lack of them in the dry season. As we were sitting there eating our lunch and having a bit of a relax this one cow kept on trying to eat the cardboard box on the back of the ute, she was quite determined... and another one was licking the front bonnet. Thanks for the cleaning mate! Hahaha.. No snakes or spiders today, I actually just killed one in my room... don't think he was deadly though just a baby huntsman. Took a good chunk out of my finger today with the pliers... that friggin' hurt! My poor hands sure get a beaten out here. Tidied up my room and the ate tea and going to do some reading now. Looking forward to my day off... need to get some sun on my belly! Oh, and they have a canoe so I might just test that out! Till tomorrow. -Nikki

05/22/2012 6:25am

A baby snake in your room? How can you sleep knowing that..what if it was a baby brown.... How do they get in your room.


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