All of you back home in Canada are probably still sleeping or just getting up... I on the other hand am finishing my day up, waiting for tea (dinner) and then off to bed. I am still feeling a bit tired from all the travelling and still adjusting to the time change. 

This morning I woke up at 6:30am to have breakfast and start my day. The other girl I am working with Tegan (who is Australian) showed up and we went out to check and fix fences... it was a really hot day and the flies were somewhat annoying-- they annoy the shit out of you purposely so you will sweat and then they drink that sweat-- 'Bush Flies'. Gross. 

We found two bats who were stuck on the barbed wire fence... they are so cute and we felt so bad. We were able to get one free but the other one we could not and we didn't have the guts to bash it over the head to kill it to help it from suffering... it will die. We had to be very careful as they scratch and bite you and can give you diseases such as: Hendra and the Lyssa virus which kills horses. Got a bit cut from speed grass which is a really annoying grass that can dig into you like when you get a splinter from wood

We also saw two lizards, but I can't figure out what type. Tegan found a dead baby brown snake which is one of the most deadliest in the world, and then I saw a black whip snake which can make you very sick and kill small animals. Saw a few wallabies and kangaroo's (you know your in Australia when you see them). 

When I arrived last night my bathroom, specifically the toilet was filled with green frogs-- very pretty and harmless. It was nice to finally sleep in a bed since I hadn't slept in one since I left Canada. 

All in all it was a good day, I am tired and looking forward to bed. I usually have Sunday's off but I am going to work straight through till next week and have next Sunday off. 

Signing off for today. 


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