Toomelah is an aboriginal community in the state of New South Whales here in Australia. This community had become a place of poverty, drugs, alcohol, violence, vandalism and the paedophilia, assault and rape of aboriginal girls as young as the age of five. The victims commit suicide or live in continued fear... the men who do it? Well they continue to do it because they are being aloud to do it. Instead of going to prison like any child sex offender would... the actions of these aboriginal men are being looked at as part of their cultural. So where does the line draw in the word 'cultural?' When do we stop using it as a disguise and realize there is something wrong here going on? How is the RAPING OF FIVE YEAR OLD BABIES culturally excepted? The Australian government is letting these men get away with this... What is going to happen to these children? Don't they deserve a chance? Where has equality gone? Stop labelling these children as aboriginal children and recognize them as Australian children. Would it be culturally excepted then? 

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