Hello everyone! 

I am at the Toronto airport.. for those of you who don't know I am flying back to Australia today, I was supposed to fly out last Monday but when I showed up at the airport there was no reservation in my name!! What a feeling that was. Anyways, I am finally on my journey to the "Down Under" yet again... this will be my third time back ( I love it there soooo much)!!

For the next few months I will be blogging on here (my personal website) every week about my experience on the cattle station I will be living and helping out on. This is my third time back to this station however, this time I am relating my experience academically for a course that I designed for a credit towards my International Studies degree at St. Stephen's University in NB (if you've never heard about it you should totally look it up online... its the smallest University in Canada and a very special place). The description of the course is as follows:
"This experience will give Nicole an opportunity to be immersed in a food production facility in a cross cultural setting where she will not only live and work as part of the cattle station, but will also be intentional about observing, studying, and discussing issues around global food production, distribution, consumption, etc.  It will also expose Nicole to principles of sustainable and simple living as the cattle station is in a remote area."

So if you'd like to see what I am up to I will be posting on here every week! Please feel free to comment on anything that I will be talking about.. Hope you all have a wonderful summer. Cheers 

05/08/2012 4:50am

Nikki, I'm thrilled that you're on your way!! May your adventures be all you're hoping for, and your travel safe. I'll look forward to hearing more...


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