No-fly zones - pesticide spraying on aircraft - Currentsby Linda Bonvie, Bill Bonvie 

Check this article out! Yesterday when I flew into Sydney, Australia there was an announcement saying that when we landed they would be spraying the air-plane with a pesticide for Quarantine reasons... I was a bit shocked. They said it was non-harmful and such to humans... ya ok...? Anyway's the plane landed and sure enough about 10mins later the airline crew with latex gloves on holding spray cans of this stuff came down the aisles and were spraying all the baggage in the over head compartments... I covered my mouth and nose as did many other people around me... You could see a think cloud of the stuff floating around, tt took moments for the "stuff" to finally leave the air. Yuck! Honestly, this is awful and it cannot be good for you... I feel bad for the airline crew who have to be exposed to this on every flight! Australia has very strict rules about food and other such things, when entering the country and when crossing the borders between states. Each area is so different in climate and very important to agriculture any sort of bug getting or anything could be extremely deadly and destroy crops and livestock... So I understand the rules and regulations, but honestly exposing people to a Pesticide? In the article it mentions that this product used is called: "Airosol Aircraft Insecticide," which contains the active ingredient d-phenothrin It states that the registration number of the product is identical to that of the pesticide "Black Knight Roach Killer;" as it turns out, the two products are one and the same. Is this true? I don't want to breathe in that crap. I was quite shocked by this experience. The Australian guy who's couch I am staying on (through the network known as 'Couch Surfing') also could not believe that they were doing this. I am hoping to read a bit more into this at some point, but for now I thought I would share this experience. Any comments or thoughts? 

05/09/2012 2:24pm



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