I thought this was an interesting read. The live export is something that I have been learning about while I've been here in Australia. Living and working on a cattle station you see things from a different perspective.... In the past I probably would have been one of those people who would have walked into the Body Shop and signed this petition not really knowing what I was doing-- the lives that I would be affecting, the jobs that would be lost, the people who would suffer a loss. I feel that the live export industry is something that one can not be biased on. What I mean is that I don't want animals to suffer however, I don't want to see people suffer either.... this industry is more than just the export of live animals.... it feeds the mouths of many people in Indonesia and in the NT of Australia it is how many cattle station owners survive. Why do we always work against one another? When will we start seeing that we need to work together to figure out the best solution so everyone can win... However, in the end isn't it all for personal gain? Hummm... I may be getting off topic here now (lol), I may stop my thoughts here. 

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