I had a wonderful day off yesterday. Man, I was just so tired out and sore from the days I spent working in the yards. I spent the day doing laundry and working on my studies. I watched a movie and I cooked tea for John, Helen and I. I made omelette's with spinach, tomato, mushroom, onion and cheese and some fried potato's... it was really yummy. Did some more reading and than I started to watch a t.v. series on my laptop. Than I went to bed... I have been having weird as dreams lately which has been affecting my sleep a bit. Hopefully they go away soon! Haha. Today I spent the morning with John dropping off lick all around the station for the cattle, came back and had some lunch and spent the afternoon fencing... what a day. If you don't like to swear (curse) than don't ever fence. I had a stressful afternoon untwisting and straining fences which was so frustrating!!!! I was some happy when 5:30 rocked up. Came back and ate a piece of dark chocolate which helped and made me feel much better! Had a shower, did my lil' workout and now I am just waiting on tea. I am hungry. Well that's it for today. Till next time. -Nikki 

06/18/2012 5:52am

My chocolate is getting low


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