FUEL companies have started to notify their customers that the price of aviation fuel for mustering cattle will rise. 
Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association President David Warriner said the government’s decision not to extend the tax exemption to on-property aviation fuel was “another blow to the struggling northern cattle industry”. 
“This is on top of last year’s live export ban which effectively shut down the northern industry and the flow on of that impact is still accelerating, with Indonesian import quotas for Australian cattle at an all time low” Mr Warriner said.
Fuel companies say the rise will be aroun 9 cents per litre from July 1.
“This will not only increase the direct costs for those cattle stations that operate their own aircraft but also the companies that supply mustering services to the industry.
“It will increase the cost of production, forcing savings in other areas such as labour,” Mr Warriner said.
“It will also increase the cost of other essential operations such as fire management and monitoring; weed and pest management survey and control programs.
“Many of these operations relate to the overall wellbeing and environmental integrity of northern Australia, making the revenue raised through the tax a false economy.”
While the NTCA applauded the government’s decision to exempt other on-property fuel from the carbon tax, the possibility of on road transport fuel being taxed from 2014 is causing serious concern.
“Freight is a major part of the cost of doing business with the transport of goods and services in, and livestock out, over long distances,” Mr Warriner said.
“These costs will not only further stress families and business viability but also the competitiveness of our industry in the domestic and international markets on which we depend.”


Personal Response: 
I am glad to see that Canada hasn't gone forth with the whole Carbon Tax and continue subsidising fossil Fuels (Australia has the least amount of subsidies). I care about our environment and the well-being of the planet and all is living creatures including humans however, I do not agree with this tax. Sure it all sounds good in theory but when it is applied it is a different story. It is like this-- Let's say there is a government owned company that decides to put up a building, we see the building being built in all its stages and think, 'great however, what we don't see is all the small businesses that went out of business because of it or the people who lost their jobs, or who were affected. This is what is happening with the Carbon Tax. Bad Economics. When one group makes their ideas and facts sound so good and amazing however it is usually followed by many fallacies. This is what is happening in Australia with the whole green movement. Green sounds so amazing, and I think its important to have people such as this but there has to be a certain reality and I often wonder if these people are living in it? This tax is not realistic. Our economy depends on fossil fuels, everything we do in life relies on them. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, look at what fossil fuels have given us? As technology advances so does improvements for helping the environment, better people's lives etc. I don't think they are all bad.  How is it green when you are putting farmers and their families out of business? This does not just affect the price of fuel it affect's people lives. We are putting stress on the people who are producing our food, who are feeding the people... what will happen if we put them out of business? How is this good for the economy-- this will affect the cost of exporting and importing. And what about all the other jobs or people it will affect such as the trucker's who transport food.. I am for living a more sustainable life --practically. We need to live realistically, we need to stop living in this doom and gloom 

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