I've been learning about politics and reading about economics... An issue in Australia at the moment is that of Carbon Tax. There is the good economist and the bad. The bad economist only looks at the advantage that the policy will have on the one group, forgetting about the others. This whole idea of Carbon Tax-- well I think its  bad economic's... the Labour Government here in Australia promised that they would not bring in Carbon Tax... well they lied. If you change one thing is the system it affects the WHOLE system. Here's the thing with this whole Carbon Tax idea here in Australia. You start taxing carbon, that's taxing the transport of food, supplies, fuel, etc. Therefore the producers, such as farmers will have to start paying more. For example, the station I am on now, if they began to tax carbon it will be $20+ (more) per head for transporting cattle that is going to put costs way up!!! Some producers have actually had to leave and sell their farms such as the Thompson's which you can read about at: (http://sppiblog.org/tag/matt-and-janet-thompson-case) Not only will the producers have to start paying more but the consumer as well. In rural area's up north such as the town of Katherine the cost of electricity is going to rise, there will be an increase in the price of food--  "if Australia stopped emitting CO2 tomorrow, they would save … 15 thousandths of one degree of warming (0.0154 °C) by 2050" (sppiblog.org) Check out this Australian blog on more issues related to the whole idea of Carbon Tax. http://sppiblog.org/tag/australia-carbon-tax 

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