Well its all been happening here the last few days!! I came back to the station on the Monday and got settled back in. The new crew rocked up on Wednesday night, its been back and forth between cattle work in the yard and fencing. Than there is all the little things that need to get done during the days. Anyway's, things are great out here... its just me and all these boys: Mark, Jack, Scottish Jack, Nathan and Frenchie (Martial). We are all having so much fun. There has been heaps of people coming and going from Helen's family and John's. Its really great considering this will probably be my last time here on Gilnockie. Its hard to focus on my studies when there are people around though.... we start earlier and finish later so my days are shorter. 
Well it was a fun filled weekend in Katherine. The Show is a really big event that goes around the country to different towns. Camp drafting, horse jumping, rodeo, rides, markets, food and of course a bar. One things Aussie's know how to do is have a good time! It was a heap of fun spending time with my work mates and meeting a heap of new people. Didn't get to much sleep or study done however hahaha. Back to work tomorrow and should be pretty flat out for the next few weeks again. Write more soon -Nikki 



Well, it has been a few days. I have just been either much to busy or way to tired to get on here and write out my thoughts. I just finished working 19 days straight... I am exhausted in every which way and am looking forward to having the next few days off to do some reading (hopefully), relax and spend some  party time with my mates that I was working with out here. After 9 weeks out bush I am really ready for a break. I will be ready to come back but honestly you just hit a breaking point and you need to get out. You need to put some mascara on and look like a girl. See other people.... feel apart of society! Hahahaha. I love it out here, but every once and awhile it takes its toll on you. 
It took a lot out of me having people around. I am such a routine person and after 2 months out here alone I was in such a routine and of course that got all messed up with people coming and the food changing a bit. Its amazing how your body knows when things like that change. However, it was such a blast having them out here. The three of us, Madi, Mark and Jack all got along really well... I felt so alone and sad lying in bed last night when they left after tea. Mark and Madi are not coming back... Mark is going on holiday to NZ and Madi back to Uni. I think Jack is coming back, it would be nice to have someone around again that I know. Frenchy is also coming in 6 days or something... so all my alone time is pretty much gone. But that's ok. Different experiences are good... its just hard to believe how fast time is going. At first it seems like the days are going slow and than all of a sudden 'bang' its time to go! Crazy. 
Its one thing I have never gotten used to as I have travelled. Saying 'goodbye.' It never gets easy. Just knowing you might never see that person again is some what terrifying? I don't know if that is the word but as I said to Madi: "I was enchanted to meet you..." It is so true. Each of these people, I feel enchanted to have met. In some small way they have left a mark on my soul and I know I will always remember them.... even if I only spent 2 weeks with them. However, 2 weeks out bush feels much longer!!!! Its almost like a lil' community out here. 
The last 2 weeks have been yard work with the cattle and a few days between there of fencing and other small jobs that needed to get done. Yesterday (Thursday) we walked the cattle out to a watering hole. It took us the whole day... it was over 18km or something... a far journey for the lil' guys. We were on quad bikes and the ute. There is something about being out bush and walking the cattle to the water. Silence, peace, surrounded by nature. We had 400+ head and just as we were about to the water the mob went into the scrub. It was very think and we couldn't get them all back, John had to come help us in the Helicopter.... we got most them back. I think we were short 5 or something. I understand it must be hard for some of you to comprehend what it is I am talking about... hahahaha. 
Anyways, there is so much that has happened-- both good and some not the most pleasant. That is the way it goes though. I am really looking forward to having these next few days off, to just chill and hopefully get for at least one run. I am staying with John's daughter in Katherine. Both her and her husband are very lovely, and they have three beautiful kids. I am going in with their son-in-law Paul who is also going to stay with them. We are both looking forward to the time away! Well I will try and write more again soon. Till next time -Nikki x
The last week has just been crazy busy... 12 hour days starting at 6:30am and ending at 6:30/7:00pm. In the yard most days however, spending a few days fencing and getting other small jobs done. This is my 13th day working straight so its pretty full on. The Katherine Show is next weekend and I think we are all getting a few days off which will be good so I have that to look forward too. My room-mate Madi is pretty great, we've been doing workouts, having chocolate sessions, Milo's... we get along really well! Yesterday evening I got to go for a ride in the helicopter which was amazing. The country looks so beautiful from up above and it was an amazing site to see all the cattle being mustered down the lane way-- absolutely breathtaking. Ah, I just love the country out here. There shall always be a piece of my heart left here-- "The Never Never." 
It has been very hot here the last few days... just sweating madly. We've been going for swims at lunch or at the end of the day which is really awesome. My whole routine has been a bit dismantled the last week as well... just having people around, longer days... etc. It also makes it a bit harder to focus on studies as well. Anyway's, hard to believe how fast time is going by, before we know it summer will be over! Will write more soon. -Nikki
The last few days have been pretty flat out. Friday and Saturday were spent in the yards so I am pretty exhausted after all that. Today Madi and I just spent the day fencing, tomorrow John will muster again and than we will be in the yards for the next few days after that. Its pretty great having people out here however, it is a bit hard to focus. It kinda feels more like a summer holiday as its a bit more fun with some young people around. Anyway's, I don't really have much to say. Things are good, as always learning lots. Will write more soon and in a bit more detail lol. Till next time -Nikki x
Its all happening now... yesterday I spent the day getting a few things done in the yard and did some fencing. Today I spent most the day doing the same thing however, three new people arrived: Madison, Mark and Jake. They are all in their early 20's so it is nice to have some other young people around (no offence to John and Helen lol). The blokes are pretty good looking too! ;) Hahaha Madi and I are sharing a room, she is great... I think we will get along real well. Its great working with Aussie's, previous times its been me and other backpackers, so this is a real treat!! Paul and another bloke will be arriving tomorrow sometime I think. The yard is full again with more cattle sooooooo....... you know what that means!!! Yard Time!!! Whoooot... soo pumped! Man I love it so much! Next few days will be busy... actually the next few weeks! But its all good. Nice to have people around for a change however, it was nice to have some real alone time as well. I will try to keep up with blogging as 
A SMALL livestock farmer is keen to sell her meat in the Northern Territory and wants the Government here to help small producers.

Holtze farmer Noel Padgham, 84, runs goats, chickens, sheep, pigs and cattle at her 129ha property, Amalthea Downs. The former politician, whose daughter Kezia Purich is a Country Liberal MLA, said the potential industry for small farmers was going to waste.

"There's no small animal meat that can be sold on the local market as there's no small abattoir for sheep, goats, pigs and poultry," she said.

If a mobile abattoir catering to small farmers and their livestock was available, many small farmers across the Top End region would be able to sustain small businesses and grow, she said.

Ms Padgham said she would produce two wethers - male goats - per week to start with, but soon could increase production. "And I am just one of many," she said.

"If it started, people would get on the bandwagon."

She blamed red tape for tying up producers. "There are too many rules and restrictions," she said.

"Why can't the Government support this primary industry development when they support the oil and gas companies without thinking about it?"

Small farmers pumped money through the local economy through spending on fencing, fertiliser, plants and stock feed, she said.

"But people with land, it seems, are all looked on as if they are going to break the law with regards to fencing, stock, weeds, firebreaks, etc.

"Why doesn't the Government use the carrot and not the stick? Many pieces of legislation can be brought down to the realities of food production," she said.

Maria Billias, spokeswoman for Resource Minister Kon Vatskalis, said several small abattoirs, generally in remote areas, were supplying the local market. She said establishing an abattoir was a matter for the private sector, but the Government had officers to provide technical advice. The Department of Resources did not respond.


Personal Response:

Farmers have it tuff here in Australia with all this "red tape," which many Australians refer to as the "green tape." It seems no matter what you are doing as a farmer or primary producer, they are out to get you. Maybe if they went and spent some time they would understand how difficult they are making it for these people to survive... where's the sustainability in that? Isn't being green all about sustainability? Humm... I've come to broaden the idea of sustainability to much more than the impact humans are having on the environment Is it sustainable to run people out of business-- is that not contributing to more poverty? For rules and regulations to contribute to the idea of sustainability, they need to provide benefits to both groups... not just one. The people running around putting up all this red tape are happy, yet they are forgetting the affects their selfish decisions are making. I believe that sustainability is also about sustaining our relationships with each other, which has been an important factor to our human prosperity. 
Things are starting to get busy. Monday spent the day again out with John, Tuesday I was on my own as John and Helen had to go to town. John went in the big truck to get it registered and Helen went in the car to pick up her mum who is up for a month from Alice Springs. They came back in the evening however, John stayed the night at his daughters in town b/c he didn't get his helicopter till late, couldn't make it back before it got dark. He is a helicopter pilot, he flew from Katherine to another station where he spent the day mustering than he got back late in the avro. So today I spent the day alone again shovelling dirt out of the race in the yard. Electrified a few more fences, cleaned the ute out and started put down a concrete slab in the yard when John got back. All is all a good day. Had a good steak for tea-- yummy. Tomorrow will be another full day and than Friday we are mustering and everyone else that is coming to work in the yard for the next few weeks is also arriving. Saturday we are doing a killer which I am stoked about-- I will write more about that when we do it. Not sure when my next day off will be
Finally!!! I haven't been able to get onto my site for the past few days... Don't know what was going on! Anyway's, not a whole lot to say... been working with John the last few days getting fences ready to electrify and other jobs around the station all in preparation for mustering and working the cattle. People should be arriving in the next few days... supposedly there is a nice looking young bloke rockin' up (I will be the judge of that when I see him with my own eyes)!! Haha No distractions, just some nice eye candy-- there is no harm in that eh? Been spending a lot of time reading for my studies... I am really enjoying it and have found that I have a new interest in economics! Oh how I love to learn! :) John and Helen were both quite sick, actually Helen is still sick so I had Saturday off instead of Sunday. It was a good day off, I was feeling so bloody tired but, I am feeling much better now-- just glad I didn't catch what they had! I hope you are still enjoying reading my blog. I should put some pictures on here for those of you who are not on my facebook, I haven't been able to upload videos yet either. It can take a while. It's been nice working with John, I've had a few good laughs which is always good for the soul. Well should get back to'er. I will write more soon. Hopefully this site doesn't give me trouble again. Till next time -Nikki (Still haven't had that beer I was going to have to celebrate Canada Day lol).