Another day done! Worked by myself again... it does make the days seem to go by slower however, in other ways fast. Good day all is all. I must say by the end of it I am pretty tired out. I bashed and pulled out a lot of pickets today! I made some videos but can't upload them to my blog however I am posting them on facebook so you can check them out there. I will see if I can post them on my website some where else though. Not much to say really... my belly hurts as I ate a huge piece of rump steak and before that indulged in spoonfuls of peanut butter and jam hahahaha-- What can I say I am only human and sometime feel deprived out here!! If I had one wish though I would wish for all the ice cream in the world...(if your reading this mum make sure to have an ice cream cake in the freezer when I come home).... oh it will be sooooooooooooooooooo good! Anywho, make sure to check out my other blogs on issues that I am covering while I am here in Australia as well as the title: "Cattle Station in the Australian Outback." Saw lots of kangaroo's today--they are pretty cute... and I saw the last of bit of a huge mother friggin snake!!! I think it was just a python, however it gave me a bit of a fright! Don't worry mum it was near the homestead here.... Oh, and I saw another human being today... just from my door way here in my room. Some guy out here for plumbing or something... it was nice to know that there are still people out there-- not everyone has turned into flesh eating zombies!!!! Hahahaaha. Signing off -Nikki x

Toomelah is an aboriginal community in the state of New South Whales here in Australia. This community had become a place of poverty, drugs, alcohol, violence, vandalism and the paedophilia, assault and rape of aboriginal girls as young as the age of five. The victims commit suicide or live in continued fear... the men who do it? Well they continue to do it because they are being aloud to do it. Instead of going to prison like any child sex offender would... the actions of these aboriginal men are being looked at as part of their cultural. So where does the line draw in the word 'cultural?' When do we stop using it as a disguise and realize there is something wrong here going on? How is the RAPING OF FIVE YEAR OLD BABIES culturally excepted? The Australian government is letting these men get away with this... What is going to happen to these children? Don't they deserve a chance? Where has equality gone? Stop labelling these children as aboriginal children and recognize them as Australian children. Would it be culturally excepted then? 

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Chicken! Yup, that's right we had chicken for supper tonight--yummy. Good day today, started off a bit ruff as I left the door open by mistake (it doesn't shut properly actually), anyways the cat got out and so I spent the morning worrying about that hoping she would come back... sure enough she did-- thank goodness! She is high up on the food chain out here for lots of different things. Spent the morning and afternoon fixing up fences-- straining, pulling and bashing out pickets, putting on isolators-- basically getting then all ready to be electrified. Worked alone today... it really isn't so bad just takes longer but I really don't mind. Its nice to be one with the bush! Haha. However, I am still looking forward to seeing another face around here in the  near future. Nothing to exciting happened today, the water wasn't working for a bit but they got that fixed pretty quick... had to run around and turn on the generators near the bores... I hope to explain more about water here so you have an idea how important it really is out bush. Everything is actually. :) Tomorrow is hump day... its seems I count down a lot out here.... really the things I have to look forward to day to day are meals and then my day off! Hahaha. However, I am spending my evenings studying and reading... I have a book reflection due on Sunday. I am also researching and looking at sustainable living here on the station and in agriculture... hope to learn lots. I am not sure if you are aware but everything I am blogging and writing about is for a course I designed. It will be used as one credit towards my International Studies degree... So please any questions or comments I would love to answer if I can. It may also help me too. Well its 9:02pm... bedtime for me! Your all just starting your day. :) Till next time -Nikki x
Tired today... day off wasn't long enough! Worked with John yesterday morning and then was out by myself, it was dark when I finally got in. Today I worked alone while John and Helen went into town to get the new bulls they purchased at the Annual Bull Sale in Katherine on Saturday, they are in the yard tomorrow and need to be brander and such tomorrow. Hopefully I will be helping John out with that. Saw a Dingo run across the road as I was driving out to the area I was working in... saw a lot of tracks as well, John reckon's we will have to put bait out soon. I didn't mind working alone... however lunch was a bit lonely--I missed you Teagan! Anyway's it was a good day all in all it felt like a bit of a long, it will be nice to have someone to work with again.. just makes the day go by a bit faster and it makes the work load a bit easier. :) Just finished eating tea... they don't eat carbs out here other than veggies and fruit... the first couple weeks I was craving sugar but now I am not really craving anything.... We eat a LOT of beef... three times a day: Breaky 2 eggs, beef sausage, and a piece of bacon (fried). Lunch I have a corn beef sandwich or sometimes corn beef and salad, and supper is different sometimes but consists of beef and veggies. It seems like a lot, but when you don't have access to the cupboard you fill up when you can and the protein keeps me going for the day. I also find myself adding the sea salt she has to my food-- you need the iodine because of the work you do in the heat, sweating and such. I have an apple or two a day and when she has oranges I eat them. I have my cup of tea every morning with milk and honey which is my special lil' treat. I have a stash of dark chocolate as well which is good but I am getting low... will need her to get me a few things next time she is in town. Well best get going-- I need to do some reading... my first book reflection is due on Sunday!!! Till next time -Nikki 
Hello! 7:21am here, Saturday morning... was unable to sleep in on my day off... ah well. Just me here today, John and Helen had to go into town for the annual bull sale, to look and possibly buy a bull or two. Going to do laundry, do some reading and sun bathe. Yesterday was a good working day didn't get back till dusk so it was a long day. Spent the day working with big John, saw a Dingo while I was fencing but didn't have my camera on me so didn't get a picture... They are a bit of a problem out here especially when its time to do cattle... if there are sick animals or calves they can be trouble. We will often shoot them if we see them around the yard during that time. They are a beautiful animals... but I will keep my distance. Anyways, not to much more to say. Better get this lau
Well I am absolutely exhausted today... two more days and then I can enjoy my day off... Today was another big day-- picket driving, fencing, lots of walking... came home and made a hot cup of this delicious coco stuff Teagan brought for me... man it was just what I needed! So deprived of all goodness out here... hahaha What I would do for ice cream... man I think about food to much! I am going to get Helen to get me a few things when she is in town next time, probably next week. Teagan did her last day today, so from here on in till about the end of June it is just me here with Helen and John... Going to be double the work now.... its always nice to see another human being... hopefully time will pass by quick! No poisonousness snakes or spiders today mum, although I put about 8 green frogs into the water that John got out of my toilet... bloody things are plugging it up on me! Of course we saw heaps of cattle, possibility we might be doing a bit of cattle work for a few days coming up but I don't know yet-- fingers crossed (the whole reason I come here-- to work cattle). Anyway's I need to get some sleep, I reckin' tomorrow is going to be another big one. Sending Love to all my family and friends back home in Canada. -Nikki xo
Well today was a good day, got to do something a bit different which was nice. Big John (my boss) was out working with us, we were driving in pickets with the picket driver fixing up current fences on high pressure area's. High pressure area's where cattle like to go through, breaking the fence... It was a hard working day today, I was pretty tired at the end of it and bloody hungry.... we usually eat lunch around noon and then I don't eat again till tea which is usually 8/8:30pm so its a long time to go without tucker... However, we eat a lot of meat here which is probably while I can last for so many hours without food. What I would do for ice cream or some graham crackers with peanut butter... I did grab a spoonful of it when I got back hehehe. Today Teagan got the ute stuck in a sink hole so I had to refresh my tractor skills and pull her out! A lot of walking today, and it was bloody hot. The day started of lovely, nice breeze but man that sun was beaten down on us in the avro!! I burnt my left hand by falling on the exhaust pipe of the welding machine... that was a smart move. The picket driver was plugged into it and I was on the back of the ute driving the pickets in, John walking along measuring the distance between pickets and Teagan driving... stood up and fell forward... and sizzle went the hand! Not to bad now though, I swear your hands grow some extra skin on them or something out here. I am going to need a manicure when I get home that's for sure! All in all it was a good day, something different which is good. Teagan's last day in tomorrow and that makes me a bit sad... so really looking forward to this french student arriving... hopefully he's cute-- nice to have some eye candy out here! Hahahhaha Watching the "State of Origin" at the moment... Rugby is pretty big here in Australia... this state or origin is a big thing that aussie's celebrate and watch. Three games, two teams NSW (New South Whales- the Blues) and QLD (Queensland- the Maroons) play against each other, the players are the best players from the rugby teams, meaning that these teams are made specifically for the this match. Anyways, tea is up and I am going to watch the match! Till tomorrow. -Nikki x
It was a hot day today even with the slight wind. I saw two aeroplanes fly over which helped remind me that I am still living on earth hahaha. More fencing again today, straining wires, bashing pickets into the ground, putting on insulators in preparation to electrify the fence (which we attempted today but were unsuccessful... hopefully tomorrow). For lunch we pulled up under a tree for the shade, it was near a water hole which a large mob of cattle like to spend their day... they are so funny to watch as they are very curious creatures. As we came they all started running towards us as they thought we had lick (sorry guys but no lick today). We will soon start feeding out lick to the cattle which as minerals that they need because there is a lack of them in the dry season. As we were sitting there eating our lunch and having a bit of a relax this one cow kept on trying to eat the cardboard box on the back of the ute, she was quite determined... and another one was licking the front bonnet. Thanks for the cleaning mate! Hahaha.. No snakes or spiders today, I actually just killed one in my room... don't think he was deadly though just a baby huntsman. Took a good chunk out of my finger today with the pliers... that friggin' hurt! My poor hands sure get a beaten out here. Tidied up my room and the ate tea and going to do some reading now. Looking forward to my day off... need to get some sun on my belly! Oh, and they have a canoe so I might just test that out! Till tomorrow. -Nikki
Well, today was pretty uneventful I must say... did more fencing today... got lots of small cuts on my hands from the barbed wire which can be a pain to work with--literally! Just finished eating tea and will probably go to bed soon. Missing home a lot and feeling a bit lonely out here... the girl I am working with is finished on Thursday so then it will just be me... However, there is a french student coming sometime in June and more workers end of June/ beginning of July. These workers are contracted to come here to do the cattle work which is what I love most about this job! So I am looking forward to that... but for the moment missing home a lot. It seems the older I get the more I miss home... I hate admitting to that! hahaha However, it is a learning and growing experience so I will make the most of it. Thanks for your comments. Love you all xox
Its been a few days... I have been itching to get on here and blog! Friday was a good day, another day of fencing and heaps of walking. I was very proud to have survived my two nights in the bush alone... in fact Thursday night was the best sleep I have had in Australia yet!! While fencing on Friday I saw yet another baby brown snake, this time though it was alive! It was very exciting... I took a picture and hope to post it on my website here soon. Crazy to think one bite by this small lil' thing is deadly... ekkk. I am surprised to how may I have been seeing, as I haven't before. After work on Friday I went and stayed at the neighbours station with my mate Teagan as we were getting up early Saturday to head into Katherine. So much for sleeping in on my day off, I was up around 5:50am... argh Drove the 3 hours to Katherine, she drove the first bit and I the second. We had to go pick up her ute at the mechanics in town and do some running around. I bought some new boots and got to eat sushi and ice cream which was soooooooooooo good!! We went to her storage unit to drop up some of her stuff as she is moving soon. As we were doing this I came across a red back spider which is also deadly. I don't care for spiders much... at least snakes are pretty to look at... We then got ready for the horse races in the storage unit and put our make-up on using the ute's mirror... my eye liner was basically melted.. the downfall of having make-up up here, its so bloody hot everything melts. It is a very dress up even here in Australia for horse races, all the women are in dresses with fasinators in their hair... some look beautiful and classy and others just look trashy... a huge social event which involves alcohol. We didn't drink as we had to drive back to the station later on. It as nice to get dressed up and look pretty, but come 4:30pm we were getting pretty tired and ready to get the boots back on. Went back to the storage unit to change and head back, however we need to get a horse float... ended up having to go back to the races to find the lady who we were getting it from, so by the time we got out of Katherine it was about 8:30pm.... I had to drive one of the ute's back and Teagan the other... It was an interesting drive, there were lots of stations burning off srub (I will be writing about this later on this week if you are curious to what it means), anyways its very pretty but smoky as you are driving. I made it about half way then we had to pull over and leave the ute I was driving at a station, I was to tired to drive any further and its just dangerous here to drive at night-- cattle, buffalo, roo's... We were so glad to get back, and went to bed straight away. It is nice to get to town, but its a bit overwhelming when you are there... you start to miss the bush and look I always look forward to getting back. We were tired today when we got up... had another day of fencing and lots of walking. Saw another snake, I think it was a brown one and a bit bigger but wasn't sure. Took a picture anyways, and kept my distance. Anyways, thats been the last few days... nothing to exciting... looks like we will be doing cattle work by the end of June first of July which is super exciting!!! There is also a french student coming from France soon so it will be nice to have another human being around-- not just a crazy dog, cat and chook! hahaha. Well till tomorrow hopefully! -Nikki :)