When I went to bed last night all I could think about was food, because I knew I was going to fast today. I thought maybe I will just eat breakfast but then I remembered why I am fasting today. 

There are so many people in our world who can't just go to the fridge when they are feeling hungry, or eat because they are bored, or indulge in their favorite foods because they can. A few weeks ago I gave up pnut butter because I take advantage of this pleasure indulging in it often without even thinking about how it came to be so accessible in my cupboard. 

We take advantage of what we call these simple pleasures, yet to others it would be a matter of not starving to death. So today I am fasting for all of those people who are starving everyday, I am fasting to show appreciation to all the farmers who work hard everyday to make a living, to remember what a blessing food is and not just something that we consume everyday. 

Today I fast for the world, for God, for my body and thank the good Lord above for all that he has given me today. 

Love Always,
Nikki xox

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