Well I must admit at this moment I am very frustrated as I had just finished writing a whole blog..... and then once I posted it I realized I had wrote it in the title so I am now having to do it ALL again as I didn't save it to my drafts... Sometimes technology really ticks me off. So here it goes again...

The past year has been challenging in so many ways. After being abroad for 3 years, traveling alone, living spontaneously, and living out of a backpack... it was a huge adjustment to come back home to PEI and live with my parents (whom I love my dearly)! But as challenging as it was... it was a true blessing to be able to be back home and spend time with my family and friends, to become more stronger spiritually, and emotionally in my faith, as a person and spend time getting to know my beautiful niece "Lexie." I have come to understand and love myself more then ever.

So after a busy summer of working, and helping my good mate with wedding plans I am finally here at SSU.

SSU is a special place (the smallest University in Canada for those of you who don't know), but a special place filled with hope, love and faith. My first week here has been overwhelming in many ways. Living as a small community has both its up and downs and of course the amount of information my brain has been taking in... I imagine someone blowing air into a balloon... it just keeps expanding and expanding until it finally bursts.

There is about 40 students this year plus the staff, so it gives you an idea of how small we are.  We are a community who learn, study, live, play, clean, cook, eat, pray and share with. Each of us has a strong, beautiful personality which makes each of us stand out. This also makes for an incredible learning experience. Everyone adds to the community with their personal idea's, strengths, and talents. I have tired to take time to get to know different individuals, time to get organized and of course to study. Here at SSU, you need to learn how to balance your life... otherwise you might go nutty!

Today I feel tired, and am looking forward to the weekend. But... I am looking forward to the next few months as well. I am super stoked to keep learning, to challenge myself in new ways, to continue to grow as a person, and to make new friends.

Love always,
Nikki :) xox

Crystal Ruis
09/15/2011 15:15

So great to have you here this term Nicole!!!!!


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